Video Not Playing Reliably


I’m currently working on building a Noodl prototype that includes playback of several videos. What I’ve found is that while the prototype works great on my local desktop, the videos tend to drop out when playing on a target android device (Galaxy View) over the network. My goal is to be able to have the prototype running smoothly, although I think that the video being sent over the network is causing the hiccups. Is there an easy way for me to get the playback to happen locally on the device or fix the video drop out issues without decreasing the quality of the video?




Update: I tried the same prototype over the network on a Samsung S9+ and the playback was much more responsive. However, I still need to get the prototype working on the Galaxy View.


Got some great feedback from Johan at Topp. He suggested deploying with Cordova to keep it all local to the machine, which is what I’ll try next. Here’s the link on how to do that.


The combination of using Cordova for local playback, reducing the bit rate of the videos, and reducing number of videos all helped to resolve the issues I had related to responsiveness. A big thanks to Johan and Nathan at Topp for their pointers!