Using Send/Receive Messages or MQTT of a deployed project


Hey everyone,

I’m new to MQTT and I’m trying to use the Send/Receie Messages node of a deployed project. I installed mosquitto as mqtt broker and the mosquitto clients and i do receive the messages with ‘mosquitto_sub’ when running my project in Noodl (which contains its own broker). But how do I connect the broker or clients to or with my deployed project?

Thanks you



I’m using it on a local nginx server btw

Edit: I’ve taken a look into the noodlviewer.min.js file. There is definetely a lot going on with paho mqtt… But i still don’t know how to connect the project to an external broker… or send mqtt values in any other way out of the deployed project
I really would appreciate any help :slight_smile:


In Project Settings there’s an option to use an external broker. You need to point that to the websocket url (not regular tcp/ip) and port of your Mosquitto install. Then when you run in and Noodl, and when it’s deployed, it’ll try to connect to the same external broker.


Thanks a lot. It’s working :slight_smile: