Unable to open url from AR glasses


When visiting server on host from AR glasses, I got following errors:
“The key “viewport-fit” is not recognized and ignored.” source:
This is related to index.html

“Uncaught TypeError: Object.assign is not a function” source:
This is related to noodlviewer.min.js e(Object.assign))Object.assign.apply(null,arguments);
I guess.

My guess is that the AR glasses have some problem with java script, but I don’t know how to debug it. I could not edit those files or I haven’t found a way to do it.


When I’m running on another device I got:

“Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function”

I really need to be able to edit the js to see if I could fix this. Please help.


Hi @linusji, do you have a JS node with some custom scripting? Or is this just with a ‘vanilla’ JS node in the prototype?


It is without any scripting, only the one provided after I build the program from the blocks


Hi, sorry, can’t help much more without knowing more about the hardware platform, noodl prototype, additional softwares used. Perhaps some of Noodl’s developers will chime in. By just googling the error message, I get some AR devices not supporting JS.


This is a problem in Noodl itself. We’re always trying to support older browsers, but we managed to break that in the latest release by using Object.assign in the source code. Object.assign is only supported in newer browser (~2.5 years older and newer).

The main reason is specialized hardware that sometimes use very old web technologies, like your AR glasses. It’s kinda funny that new hot hardware is using old outdated web tech, but it’s not uncommon :slight_smile:

We’ll fix it in the next release. I’ll see if we can release a hotfix soon.


This is the exact answer I’m looking for. Thanks and I’m looking forward to the fix.