Text input on the mobile phone view

I have a question regarding how the text input node works on the mobile phone view.

Is there a way to see how many pixels the content moves up when a text input is pressed and the keyboard is showed – pushing the design upwards? I have tried the screen position y attribute, but it does not seem to be affected by the animation. I want to counter the effect on my header so that it appears static to the user.

How about ‘position y’ instead of screenpos? will test a bit later.

I was curious how the content is moving up for you? Would you be able to post a video or a sample? Since the content seems to stay fixed for me with text input.

I’d actually be curious in multi-line text input since the ‘text input’ node doesn’t seem to support that.

The position y attribute does not seem to work either.

Here is a picture wich illustrates how the keyboard is pushing the content upwards. The text which says 700 is showing the Screen position Y for the text input.

Group 1

could this be that you’re putting text input in a ‘group’ or something similar?
Would you mind posting the prototype?

Just a guess - is the text moving 700px? Are you setting it’s height 100%? If so try setting it in pixels and looking if it moves at all. I am also experiencing something odd with setting positions for text input and it’s alignment.

In this case the browser is actually moving the entire <body> of the HTML document. So it’s not Noodl who’s pushing the content, it’s the system, so Noodl is basically unaware of that the entire screen has moved.

Are you looking for a way to get the keyboard to slide on top of the Noodl content?

Apple keyboard slides a view. Android do nothing with view. I noticed an exception: make a text input in the root * group width-100%, height-100px, snap to the top. Then the keyboard will not move. I use iPhone XS for test. I think the apple keyboard itself decides how to move the screen. The lower the text on the screen, the higher the keyboard moves your screen.