Stack Layout fails to keep order of items while filtering

I filter the contents of the For Each node and Stack Layout fails to keep the order of its children:
The “Departments” content appears after the “For Each.”

Steps To Reproduce
Here is the link to the file.
Just start typing in the search field and then erase the query.

Expected Result
Everything gets back to the initial state.

Actual Result
Order of items is broken.

Hey combdn! Welcome to the community!

Could you post your Noodl project instead? Right now you have posted the deployed files, which is the html you get when you deploy your project. For someone to open the project in Noodl you need to post the project folder with the project.json file in it. You can easily find your project folder by opening up the project in Noodl, go to project settings, and press the folder icon. Zip and post that folder and I can take a look!

Here is the Noodl project.