Scroll list - scroll to 'bottom'


Hi, I’m trying to scroll to the ‘bottom’ of the scroll list as I’m creating new items, so that the new item is always in focus - thing messenger apps. The scroll-to doesn’t seem to do the trick in this case. I have a ‘number’ to scroll to (calculation that I’m doing based on items and their height) and a signal to scroll, but it doesn’t seem to get kicked in.


I think I’ve got it. If I checked the ‘scroll position’ in a ‘number’ node, I got a negative number while scrolling ‘down’, but I need to input a positive number to do the same scroll ‘down’. Strange and a bit counter intuitive, but works :slight_smile: Also, needed a ‘timer’ after adding a new item to a colleciton for this to work.


Great, thanks for the feedback. I agree with both your points, inconsistency and needing a timer should be fixed.

Another related thing we might look at is the use case, it’s very common and a bit too tricky to implement right now. Might be worth making that specific case easier.