Resizing bug in editor viewer

Noodl viewer window does not resize appropriately

Steps To Reproduce
Open up a noodl project.
Make the noodl viewer window in the editor as large as possible.
Click and drag to shrink the editor window so that the Noodl viewer is not visible
Then make the editor window big again.
Notice that the noodl viewer window in the editor has disappeared from view or changed position.
Notice that resizing the noodl viewer window in the editor does not make the content visible again.

Expected Result
Resizing the editor window to be smaller and then larger, will not make the noodl viewer window hidden.

Actual Result
Noodl viewer window hides off screen within the Noodl editor window.
Noodl viewer window must be separated from background to become visible.
Returning noodl viewer window to editor window does not make content visible again.

I was able to replicate it. Thanks for the report, we’ll take a look at it!

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