Repeating boolean


Looking for an easy way to send a pulse to activate a switch every x seconds. Can anyone help me find a way to accomplish this?


Here is what I have but I need a when prototype starts pulse to start the timers?


Try adding one more Switch with start state set to on, and then connect the “Switched to On” output to “Start” in one of your timers.

You can also use the “Application Events” node to do the same thing


So Noodl is a bit tricky when using timed nodes to create loops. (Timers, Animations etc) Timer/Animations nodes can be linked as many as you like but if you connect them back into each other directly to get them to loop they will not play again. The solution is simple: we need to connect a boolean or switch node before we start the timer chain again.

Here is an example:

To get the timer loop to start we connect a switch to get it to start playing on load/reload. After the last timer we connect the boolean to restart the loop. The timers are then used to control the right switch node.