Removing a Drag Node or Connection destroys content


Romoving a Drag node or the connection sometimes leads to missing images and wrong positions of many nodes in the project. Although the entered data like the image path and the positions are still correct, the preview doesn’t show the image and the positions are wrong. Re-entering the image path or entering the image path of another image doesn’t does not do anything, the image is still not displayed. Hovering over the nodes containing the image just shows the blue frame without the image at wrong positions.
The only workaround this is to keep thre drag node and its connection to the Group node and disconnect both from the rest of the content. Removing the Drag node or the connection from the Group node, even if neither of them is connected to the content anymore, leads to the behavior mentioned above.

Steps To Reproduce
Creating a group, connecting it to a drag node (with snapping indexes), filling the group with (a lot of) content that contains images and removing the drag connection or the drag node.

Expected Result
The Drag feature should be removed while maintaining the content as it was before removing the drag node

Actual Result
Many nodes containing images or image nodes don’t show the images anymore despite the correct path. Many positions of page items are wrong (mostly in the upper left corner) despite correctly entered position informations


Removing the nodes and its connections from the project.json file manually worked fine for me