Rectangle rotate + drag

I have a rectangle and 2 drag nodes to drag it in the x and y direction. I also added a slider to adjust the rectangle X rotation. After adjusting the slider I am not able to drag the rectangle any more.

Steps To Reproduce
rectangle with 2 drag nodes (for x and y position), a slider connected to the rectangle X rotation

Expected Result
Being able to drag the rectangle while it’s also rotate-able

Actual Result
Can’t drag the rectangle after a rotation

The math for doing touch interaction on objects is basically all done in 2d, so if an object is rotated on the x or y axis the math is a bit off.

Until that’s fixed a simple workaround is to place the rectangle in a group and connect the drag nodes to that group. It’ll to either have it be a constant size, so the hit area is in some cases larger than the rotated rectangle, or try to adjust the size when rotating the rectangle through an expression.