Page Navigation - Dynamic destination and components inputs



Is there any way to pass event port values to components in page navigation when destination is set dynamically?

I have a dynamic menu where the destination for Page Navigation is set dynamically through an Event Sender port, like this:

According to docs: " If the destination page has Component Inputs these will be added to the Page Navigation node and can be used to send values to the destination page."
My receiving Page has a component input but how do I set this input when using dynamic destination? Any way to use js?

Thanks in advance!


Wow, that’s an impressively advanced use case :slight_smile:

If it’s OK not to use component inputs I suggest a workaround using Models.
Something like this, at the point of navigation:

Where the Boolean is replaced by a tap/event or whatever is used to trigger the navigation.

And then use a “My Page Properties” model in the Page Component to access the properties. Basically building your own Component Input system using Models. If you use different names for the Model in every unique Page Component it should be able to be flexible enough.


Thanks for the quick reply! Above solution works fine :slight_smile: I also mange to solve it by sending another event when Pages.Navigated Forward/Back actually has occurred. In this way I was able to receive the event inputs data in the new Page. But I think I prefer to use Models, it gets a bit cleaner I think.