Noodl user account


Here’s a behavior of Noodl that I would like to bring into question.

  1. I Uninstalled a google mail activated Noodl version on a Windows machine,

  2. I Re-installed it.

  3. I Tried to log-in with

    ‘Sign in with google’

  4. I can see the account that was used with the previous installation of Noodl.

I’d ideally like to be able to not have any previous account data be saved when uninstalling Noodl. Or be able to ‘delete’ that account from visibility or at least be able to log-out of it (to require a password to use it again). It seems that I could just click on it again and start using Noodl. A scenario where this might not be ideal is a ‘public computer’.

I believe what solved it for me was removing the Noodl here: