Noodl + Unity experiment

A small Noodl + Unity experiment that was mad a while ago:
Noodl is basically overlaid on Topp of a Unity view. Nodes in Noodl are connected to Unity objects, so for example the player’s score and health can be connected to the Noodl UI.
So Michael is redesigning the UI and tries to avoid enemy fire at the same time :slight_smile:


That is why I love Noodl!!! want to know how the integration with unity works :smiley: is that a custom plugin? Or something from the asset store? I was contemplating the web-browser asset some time ago. Would something like that work?

We used a webview called ZFBrowser. Seems like they rebranded a while back, but I believe it’s this one:

Noodl renders a transparent overlay on top, and all the integration is handled through the Javascript interface that the webview provides.

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That’s exactly what I thought :slight_smile: And even the same integrated browser I was looking at. Out of curiosity, have you considered this for VR/AR purposes, i.e. having the same setup as you have now + a vive and a ZED Mini? I have a feeling it would be an awesome extension to Unity.

We have some Noodl/VR examples running in the office. They work very well and if you run Noodl on a separate machine than the Unity project you can update the UI in real time as someone is testing it. (If running on the same machine, Unity will go down to 1fps when other window is in focus)

cool! have you looked at: Edit–>Project Settings–>Player–>Resolution and Presentation–>Run In Backgound? within unity?

Oh I didn’t know that! I would expect that to solve it though. Thanks!

Hey! I was curious how you get a transparent overlay, meaning (a transparent browser window)?


It’s somewhat hidden away in the project settings screen. Click the cogwheel in the upper left, then check “Transparent” under the device settings.

Thanks @micart! It works like a charm. I could swear I looked there :slight_smile: oh well…

I had a follow up question actually. I was wondering if there’s anything I could do to make text render better? On the left side - Noodl text with a blue background, on the right side - text with transparent background. As you can see there’s a thin gray outline that comes with the transparent setting enabled. This might be OK with bolder fonts but with something slim, it becomes unreadable.


Managed to get unity + Noodl working ! yay! lovely experiment.
Would you also mind sharing how you’re doing unity -> Noodl (and the other way around) commands / data sharing?

Thanks a million !