Noodl + React: Requesting Your Feedback

I wanted to share a preview of a Noodl + React integration (also contains Webhooks and the Message Broker).

Feedback, questions, comments would be great as we’re prepping for Beta releases.

Watch Michael’s walk-through and let us know your thoughts.

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Looks awesome!

A couple doubts though based on the video:

  • I’m not sure how you added the Material UI library to use inside Noodl in the first place, but if it means I can plug in any react library then it’s an awesome feature!
  • Can we now make something in Noodl and possibly export react code which the developers can take snippets out of?

I think Webhooks would be super useful for multiple scenarios.

As for Message Brokers, how is it different from the current MQTT Broker input we have in project settings?

Looks great guys! Bra jobbat!

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Looks cool! Can’t wait to give it a spin.

If you don’t mind me asking, why react? Can components created in Noodl be exported in a similar manner? Is ‘deploy’ still a thing and is there any differences in the way that it works? The ælexa part is interesting and how the set-up happens. Would it work with other services e.g. watson?

In order for a react component to affect a noodl component e.g. how ‘Mui Typography’ affects the text component - does the set-up in react have to happen in a very ‘perscribed’ manner to be used in such a way, meaning things need to have specific namings?

Saw that there are more text options in the video!!! yay :smiley: Thanks!

I’ve used framer in the past and when they went the react path it became less… friendly for non-react users. Hope that’s not the case :wink:

In either case good work! And looking forward to an ETA :smiley:

Too excited :slight_smile:

What does “all of the visual elements in Noodl are now rendered using react” actually mean?


  1. We’re architecting Noodl so that any react library at all can be plugged in. The idea is to open up to the power of that developer community, but also we’re already finding it useful when defining our own libraries.

  2. We are exploring how we can actually deploy a Noodl React project as an app and jump the gap from prototyping to publishing. From a workflow standpoint we see this best geared towards smaller apps (a full e-commerce site would not be ideal).

The idea of the reusable snippets isn’t completely sorted yet, but it’s an active topic.

… The message broker is still similar to what you see today, we are exploring some new features and workflows with it, but it will be a little ways off before we conclude on directions.


The “deploy to folder” is the same as before. The end result will use React and HTML/CSS instead of WebGL or Canvas2D, but otherwise there’s no difference.

The built in visual nodes, Group, Image etc, have been implemented in React, so everything that’s being rendered is using React. That’s what make the integration between third party React libraries like Material UI and the built in nodes so seamless.

We try to keep the complexity and learning curve the same as before. There are a few differences in the layout system, but it’s not harder to use, just different :slight_smile:


Thanks for the responses and continued development of Noodl. When can we expect the Beta to arrive for testing?

We haven’t set a date yet for the release, but we’ll continue to post some updates with a bit more frequency. All feedback about features and usage is always appreciated though!


Following this post - is there a way at the moment to work with react components and Noodl in some way?

In either case, if you’re looking for testers… wink wink nudge nudge :smiley:

Noticed new Noodl 2.0 tutorial videos over at the officla Vimeo channel.

I would love to take the new features and renderer for a spin for my current project, so comes the most important question: Is Noodl 2.0 ready for release? If not, can you help me with a beta key?

Thanks in advance!

Hi! Just getting started with Noodl (exploring the capabilities for an upcoming project). Do you have a guide on how to create your own react components for Noodl?