Noodl + 3d libraries

I was wondering if anyone’s had experience with Noodl + 3d (e.g. three.js) libraries out there?
Is that even possible and if so, what would be a good way to get going?


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A quick test. Green cube spinning, following the basic threejs tutorial.

1st - js node imports threejs min. external file
2nd - js node controls the script

I think I have to figure out how to instantiate it, since to make it work after loading the project I have to open the JS node with the script and close it for it to work, otherwise I get a “Error in JS node setup code. ReferenceError: THREE is not defined” message. I believe it’s because the external file takes time to load. I think a threejs noodl node with a threejsmin dependancy should make it work better.

Anyway, with some work I think this could have very interesting possibilities… a whole range of 3d nodes?

Oh, as you can see the scroll bar on the preview window I need to resize the window a few times for the cube to appear :slight_smile: I guess it has to do with how threejs and/or JS understands the ‘window’ space or something… have to read more about this too :slight_smile:

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Very cool stuff! Looking forward to seeing more. Maybe create a 3D module with a few nodes?

Had some time this evening to play around a bit with the example setup. If anyone would like to give it a try.

This is very rough. What I’m doing is creating a 100% width and height div on top of the Noodl prototype.
Ideally it would ‘embed’ itself nicely in whatever ‘group’ or ‘stack layout’ Node:) But I know too little of Noodl or JS for the time being to attempt that. I’ll probably continue looking at some of the more interesting threeJS features as time allows too.

[probably could have gotten rid of all the threejs files too in this package… oh well…]

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