Logical operators


First time to using noodl so this might have an obvious answer but I can´t find it :slight_smile:

I have a list of groups which all derive from the same component trough a collection and a for each node. When an item in the list is clicked an event is sent which when received uses a state node to toggle the opacity of a, initially hidden, group. At the same time the specific data from the first group is sent to the second group using a Send/Receive message. So the result is when you click an item in the list a panel is shown and depending on which element was clicked different info is shown in the second group.

What I would like to is to somehow sense that the second group is visible and the not toggle the opacity of it so the effect becomes that the only thing that happens is that the information is updated in the second group.

Hoping that my explanation made sense and is comprehensible :slight_smile: and hoping that someone can point me in the right direction.

Best regards,

Hello Göran.

If I understood correctly, you only want the toggling of the second panel to happen once (whenever a list item is clicked for the first time)?

If so, my advice would be to try connecting a switch as an intermediate between the first group and the state node. You’d wire it so that the tap sets the switch to on, and the state node to only toggle when the switch is set to on.

Consider using JavaScript as an intermediate if you require a more advanced setup. :slight_smile: