How to implement swipe gestures?


Hey dear Community,
I am searching now since quite a while for a solution and maybe I just don’t see how simple it is. But, can somebody explain to me how to implement events that react on swipe-gestures? I just can’t find a way to do this in Noodl. Or am I supposed to build this on my own?
I’d be very happy about any suggestions!



Depending on what you want to do with the swipe you’ll typically use a Scroll View or a Drag node to do swipe gestures.

There’s built-in lesson on how to use the Drag node in Noodl (Open Noodl -> Start screen, scroll all the way down).

The Scroll View is a bit easier to use, and allows you to scroll either horizontally or vertically, with or without snapping (for “flick” swipe gestures)


You could also play around with touch position and velosity in a JS node.