How to find the reference for "Condition"


I am a newbie for this wonderful platform. As the first learning exercise, I would like to make a simple counter check-up. Counter, state, and condition nodes will be needed. I understood counter and state but not sure about condition node.

Does anyone know how to use it?


Hi Indae,

Great to have you onboard. We are currently working on updating that part of the documentation and more and more of those nodes will have their documentation popping up the coming days.

Regarding the condition node, it has two inputs

  • A boolean condition (true or false)
  • A signal called “evaluate”

There are two outputs:
“On true”
“On false”

Once you send a signal to “evaluate” one of the two output signals will be triggered.

See gif below


Hi Anders

Thanks for your reply.
My main question is about how we create and add a conditional statement to the condition node.

I finally found that we can use “expression” node to add condition like we do in the “if statement”.

I think it will useful if there is information about it as well.

In Dae