Ho-Ho-Ho! Wish-List

Hi Guys,

Since Christmas holidays are coming soon I thought I’d thank you for the awesome work you’re doing with Noodl! But also make a list of things I’d like Santa to bring in the next version(-s) of it. Perhaps some of them are readily available through writing custom JS nodes, but one can always hope for more out of the box solutions :slight_smile:

  • Comments: A way to comment, nodes, group of nodes, connection…
  • Debug messages (without having to do a JS node workaround).
  • A better way to manage/reuse own nodes in different projects. A node collection manager of some sorts.
  • Nodes to use with webcam/mic/speakers etc. (basically any device HW). Yes, this is a big one, I know…
  • Similarly, keyboard / mouse action capturing
  • Video node (I know there was an example in the forums, but something built-in would be awesome)
  • Large data streams (live) get heavy fast and sometimes break (mentioned in one of the forum posts).
  • 3D (either through three.js or some other solution), importing models, manipulating them etc.
  • webVR
  • A tutorial / guide of how to use JS with Noodle, from the basics to more advanced.
  • Expand/collapse group of nodes in a hierarchy. For those extra long groups :slight_smile:
  • Gradient fills :slight_smile:
  • Boolean operations
  • Layer blending operations
  • Blur under (think MS Acrylic or whatever the Apple equivalent is)
  • Triangle shape node
  • Date and time node
  • Multi-viewer of prototype management. Erm… How do I explain this… a way to allow creation of multi-user prototypes. E.g. a drawing app where multiple people can draw on the same canvas. Simple :slight_smile: Not sure what this would be based on though IP, user-name or some other system. Unfortunately I’ve experienced that creating a management system for different users is extremely difficult and time consuming with the current Noodl implementation. Plus, mentioned in bugs on forum - a new user connecting sometimes ‘refreshes’ apps for other viewers.

Thanks again and happy upcoming holidays!

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Oi… and I forgot the most important thing!!!

  • Copy - paste layers/items from Sketch :slight_smile: (include fonts automatically)

I’ve seen plugins doing that translation into JSON. They do break with every sketch update though, but… it would be such a big bridge for those building static UI’s and then not having to transfer them to Noodl.


Thanks! That’s a great list with feedback, much appreciated! We have a version coming up that will tick off a few items, video node and html node are two. Hopefully it will be released in a week or two.

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