FAQ - Specific Functionality


How can I trigger signal directly when a project loads?
Create a Switch node, set Start State to true, and use the Switched To On output. Useful for triggering animations, sending events and much more.

Can I load an external Javascript library?
Yes, create a Javascript node and add the following code in the setup function:

var script = document.createElement('script');
script.src = '/myscript.js';
script.onload = function() {
   console.log('script is ready to use');

How can I deploy an interface to a phone or as a web page?
The deploy feature is only enabled in Noodl professional and Noodl enterprise version, which are only available for evaluation currently. Let us know if you want to evaluate those features.
With these features enabled, this guide explains the deployment process in detail.

What is the difference between an “EventSender/Receiver” and “Send/Receive Message” and when should I use which one?
You can think of events as a way to trigger things, when an ordinary direct connection is not suitable. For example you want multiple things to happen or when you trigger something, you want to decouple the triggering of an event from what it does, or there is no way to make a direction connection because the triggering and connecting node are in different components. You can control how your event propagates if needed. See here.
Messages on the other hand, is how Noodl components communicate over between devices and over networks. Messages are not sent directly between devices, but requires a dedicated Message Broker to be running that will route messages to the right receiver. There is built in Message Broker in Noodl but you can also use an external message broker (an MQTT broker). Read more about it here. Messages can be sent to and from devices that does not run Noodl, for example an Arduino device.




you mentioned Noodl professional and enterprise version – and that they’re only available for evaluation currently? - Therefore questions arise …

  • why should I spend time into modeling in Noodl if there’s currently no option to deploy?
  • what will be the costs for a professional or enterprise verison
  • what additional functionality differ from current free version



Hi Oliver,

Sorry for the delayed response. We decided to make deployment part of the community version. If you use the latest version of Noodl, there should be a deploy-icon.

We decided to not separate the enterprise / community version - so the features previously in enterprise (including deployment) are now part of community.

Instead, we are now offering labs, i.e. customized work spaces and cloud storage, for companies who are scaling up Noodl usage internally, and want a more customized experience, with their own integrations, their own content (lessons, etc). Let me know if you want to more about this.
Also let me know if you can’t find the deployment button.