Deployment Issues


Hi there!

I have made a prototype with some video files (all in video nodes) which works fine in Noodl when testing it; however when I export it to github (, some screens are not visible (the images disappear) and the videos don’t work, regardless of the device or browser used. What do you think the cause could be? Thank you in advance :slight_smile:


I tried the deployed prototype on a local http server and using the Chrome developer tools’ console view I noted that loading of some resources gives a 404 not found error.

One example is the v1.MOV file. I would guess that the problem is a leading ‘/’ on the filename in Noodl, making the deployed html look for the file on the root of the http server not in the directory where it actually is.
I copied it to the http server root and then it works.

Try to change the file names for the resources that gives you problems and look for the results in the console window to start.