Deployment doesn't work

Hello everybody!
I’m developing my first app using Noodl. When I test it using the “Preview in web browser”, all goes well but when I try to compile it, something happens. Whether I compile a debug version of the app or a release (and then I sign and align it), when I install the apk on my device, it doesn’t work and shows me always the black screen with the yellow Noodl logo. It has the same behaviour even if I compile it for the browser. Instead, when I compile some of the example apps, they all work correctly.
For compiling, I use the Cordova CLI and I tried to change a lot of settings: renderer, root component, root component name… and so on. I installed a lot of Cordova plugins and tried various flags. Obviously I installed quite every Android SDK.
Can you try to help me, please? Do you need some other information?
Thanks in advance