Deploying Multi-device prototype


I made my first multi-device prototype with Noodl today. Noticed that the default message broker in Noodl works well locally but when I deployed it to a Netlify instance and opened the two roots in two devices using the public URL, I lost all inter-device connectivity.

Though I can’t share the one I’m working on, I hosted Noodl’s multi-device example and it fails too. You can access it via

Since I’m new to Noodl, I’m not sure what I’m missing and can’t find any references on how to handle this in the official documentation.

Help please? Thanks in advance!


You’ll have to use an external broker by going to the project settings and enable an external mqtt broker.

If you don’t want to host one yourself I can recommend, it works well and have decent up time for being free.


That works! Thanks so much! (Especially for the reference) :+1:t3:
(I realize how noobish my question was now)

Also, for anyone else’s reference:
Remember to replace mqtt:// with wss:// to allow your browsers to transmit signals over https


Glad to hear you got it working!