A popup on loading Noodl

Starting Noodl

Steps To Reproduce
Not sure

Expected Result
Not seeing this :slight_smile:

Actual Result
Seeing a message like this:

This happens when port 8574 is already in use. We try to limit Noodl to only have one instance running, perhaps there’s a bug there. Perhaps you managed to start Noodl twice somehow? Or do you have some other service that is using port 8574?

Edit: I’m wrong, it’s not port 8574, it’s a UDP broadcast that is used so the Noodl Shell can find editors running on the same LAN. Could be triggered by having two Noodl instances running

hmm… perhaps there was a service still running as I started Noodl,
but I’m pretty sure that I closed it properly and started it after some time again.
Thanks for the explanation though.